Broken Springs?

Commercial and residential garage doors springs can have hidden problems. If you need a broken spring repair, call us. We can handle all sorts of broken spring repair including:
* Torsion spring replacement
* Extension springs replacement
* Replace torsion spring
We get calls all the time that springs have decided not to corporate anymore. We can replace or repair springs in all garage door configurations.

Repair of extension and torsion springs

As any expert in this field will explain, most garage door springs that you can find have usually two types of problems: extension and torsion springs. The torsion spring is usually considered a very important part of the door. It is situated on the horizontal side of the top of your door, and can be easily seen if you stand in the front of your garage door and look at the closed door. Without it, the door cannot get lowered or raised manually. This kind of spring cannot be repaired, but only replaced.

Replacement of springs

The second category is represented by the extension springs that are only part of the lifting assembly. You can find it if you look above each part of the door, as a cable is attached usually to a drum. In general, it rides always along any track of the door. It plays an important role in balancing the door's weight as it gets lowered or raised. In this case too, the broken spring cannot be repaired, but only replaced.

Should I get a new opener when replacing the door?

A Garage door opener replacement might be necessary if the new door is much heavier or your current opener is old. Our specialists can assist you in deciding if a new one is necessary at this time.

Lubricating a Noisy Garage Door

When lubricating a noisy door, you have to use the right solution to lubricate the squeaking parts of the door. You have to oil the top part of the chain rail, hinges, arm bar, stems, nubs, lock, and metal rollers with ball bearings. However, there are parts that do not require lubrication like the chain rail, track, chain and spring of the door.


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